How to host a website

Are you hosting a new website? Then you have many questions in mind, and I hope this article will answer how to host your website. When you decide to create a new website you need a domain and a good hosting plan to help you get started. A domain name will cost you 10-20$ depending on the domain company you decide to use. Hosting plans, on the other hand, can be yearly or monthly. Depending on your budget you can make a concise decision on what suits you best.



web hosting?

Web hosting services allow you to post websites and web pages into the internet. Web hosting service providers provide the technologies and services needed for your website or web page to be viewed on the internet. Web hosting companies have what we call servers where websites and web pages are stored. Most hosting companies require you to have a domain name before purchasing a hosting plan; if you do not have one the hosting company will help you purchase one.

How hosting look like

To help you make a healthy decision on the hosting plan you need, here are three basic characteristics of any hosting plan.
1. Disk space
You will find this feature in all web hosting companies; disk space is where a person stores the web files. All hosting plans offer specified amount of disk space; it’s up to you to know the space you will need. This will include your emails together with the web files, databases etc.
2. Email accounts
Emails and their accounts are a common feature in web hosting service providers. Here are three basic characteristics of any email account. They provide POP3, forwarding, and aliases. The emails give the users alternative.
3. FTP Access
After creating your own pages, you will need to transfer the files to the server using the FTP access.
Websites can also be hosted virtually on what we call virtual hosting. Known as shared hosting in most web hosting providers it is much cheaper since you will be sharing the resources and IP address with other users. It’s a perfect alternative to hosting personal site and small businesses. If you are just starting out virtual hosting is one thing you can consider as you make your hosting plans. You can eventually upgrade to high-level hosting plans as your website gains more traffic.

One of the features of a good web hosting plan is the FTP access that allows you to transfer files to the server. File hosting is an internet hosting service designed to host user files. What happens is that the data is stored on the back end of the internet and can belong to one or more users. As you’re hosting already features the FTP you can later retrieve all your files from web images to content created.

Now that you understand the basics of hosting a website and with so many resources at hand designing your new web page is easier. If you require help know more designing your web page and hosting it, contact us.